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D & T’s Wedding Cupcake Tower


As promised in my previous cupcake post, I present to you my first wedding assignment  and it has been an absolute pleasure and honour to have been a part of D & T’s big day! I am still over the moon with the grand entrance of the bride and her bridal party who descended onto the grounds of a picturesque vineyard right next to the charming chapel in magnificent  style; a bright fire engine red helicopter! All guests (me included) looked up, agape with wonder!   Awesome!

D & T’s wedding theme colours were pink and cream/champagne so to honour that theme, I made two types of cupcakes – a Chocolate & Vanilla Buttercake with Raspberry Buttercream (tinted with real raspberry puree and freeze dried raspberry powder) and a Lemon & Passionfruit buttercake topped with vanilla buttercream, which is the flavour I used for the 8 inch top cake as well.

Lemon & Passionfruit cake covered with ivory fondant, dressed with a satin ribbon

Preparations commenced about two weeks prior to the event as I got down to work with the 160+ pink and cream sugared roses to crown each cupcake.  I completely underestimated the amount of time and effort required to make the roses: petal by petal, each rose was formed, suspended on toothpicks and left to air-dry. I was going blind (rose-hued vision..hehehe..) Thank goodness, J arranged the kitchen work table to face the computer screen; so what better way to keep my hands occupied and my mind entertained than the 3 extended installments of Lord of the Rings. 😛

D & T made a personal request if I could make two wedding figurines in the form of her favourite cartoon character, Tweety Bird. I set myself on that challenge; after three or four heart-sinking attempts at 3D Tweety Birds, of fallen heads, broken limbs and squished faces more akin to Mutant Bird, I decided to make a plaque of the lovebirds instead. I was praying it didn’t break on the big day.

 Technically since a Girl Tweety Bird doesn’t exist, I present to you Dweety & Tweety Bird… D & T!!<chuckles>

It was a really great experience for me; looking forward to many more challenges to come.

To D & T, thank you for inviting J & I to be a part of this auspicious occasion. May your lives be filled with much blessings, joy and happiness.

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