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Banana Cake and Cows

‘Cow’ Banana Cake for my Cow-crazed friend

C is a cow enthusiast and we’re not talking merely an ordinary hobby: what we’re dealing here is a cow obsession of world-record-hopeful proportions. Believe it or not there is already a record-holder. However C has never catalogued any of her […]

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Ginger Lamb and Carrot Stew – Mama’s style

Mom used to cook and bake heaps but between manning the fort we call home, bringing up 5 kids and chauffeuring us to school, after school activities, tuition classes and what not, meant her food (especially lunches) gradually became one-pot/one-wok meals that met our protein and other nutrient requirements. It […]

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The Romance of the Ispahan: A Parfait & Foodsze Turns One!

Yes! Foodsze turns ONE today. How quickly time flies; I remember sitting here a year ago brainstorming over a blog name and over a bag of potato chips, a Facebook chat with my best friend, Darsh and mulling over play of words, Foodsze was born! I’m glad I made that […]

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Carrot and Coriander Soup

There are at least one or two more raspberry postings to come but let’s take a break from all that red and have some lovely orange now shall we? For dinner, I made a lovely carrot and coriander soup from a recipe I plucked out of Slow Recipes 500 but […]

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Pavlova with Raspberries, Cream & Chocolate

Pavlova with fresh cream, drizzling of dark chocolate and topping of luscious raspberries

I will take a diplomatic stance and not dwelve into which country, Australia or New Zealand has rightful ownership to the invention of the Pavlova, a relative of the Meringue; its distinguishing feature being the […]

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