Angku Kueh and introducing Baby J

After a 10 month hiatus from blogging, I am back and boy am I struggling for words. To summarise , I was expecting and whilst cooking didn’t exactly slow down during my pregnancy, I stuck to what’s familiar. Actually correction, I didn’t really want to experiment with new recipes as pregnancy […]

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Viola Extract and Pulut Tai Tai with Kaya

Glutinous ‘Pulut Tai Tai’ slathered with home-made ‘kaya’ (coconut egg jam)

Some time three weeks ago, I woke up with dreams and thoughts of flowers oh so pretty, oh so bright oh so colourful and wandered whether I could extract some colour out of the Viola Tricolor species  dotting a small […]

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Kuih Talam

my all time favourite – Kuih Talam

Continuing on with my Kuih-making frenzy, I now present you this mouth-watering Kuih Talam: a soft and springy treat combining the sweetness and fragrance of the green pandan layer with the slightly salty and rich coconut layer on top. This is a delight to eat and […]

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Kow Chan Kuih (Nine Layer Kuih) a.k.a. Kuih Lapis

Hooray I finally made Kuih Lapis – possibly the most famous of traditional Nonya kuihs to grace the menus of many festive occassions e.g. wedding tea ceremonies. As a kid though, the Kuih Lapis was to me, a pasar malam (night market) staple. It made regular appearances on our dining table, so much so […]

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Nasi Ulam & Oh! meet my spring-awakened garden :)

Ahhhh…September heralds in the season of Spring for us in the southern hemisphere, marking the end of an extremely shocking winter, or so we Melbournians are still expectantly waiting for. The wintry chill and grey skies tell us ol’ winter still has its stubborn grasp on us. And yet, as I was travelling by train to my class in the CBD last […]

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Durian: Olfactory Crime or Wonder?

<Sniff sniff>You smell that? Are you lured by the smell of durian or are you repulsed by it? Such is the unique quality of this fruit that you either love it or turn your nose up in disgust. I am at heart a Durian gal through and through. For those who aren’t sure […]

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Kitchen Battle: Foodsze vs. Rice Dumpling (Nyonya Chang)

Nyonya Chang: glutinous rice dumpling with a peppery, sweet & savoury filling of pork, pork fat, ground coriander seeds, sweet winter melon, white pepper, chopped chestnuts &  shitake mushrooms.

How shall I begin to describe the last two days? Wait, wait for it…let me crank up the volume of Carl […]

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