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Lavender Cookies

Spring time; my favourite season of the year where dormant buds burst into a sea of rainbow blooms amidst the drones of hard-working bees, clouds pour with rain then make way for the glorious sun against the endless expanse of azure. Of course, there’s also today-wild and unforgiving wet weather, […]

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The Awesome Fluke: Crisp Chocolate Meringues

These surprising yummies were actually made on the same day of the DB challenge; I was staring into my bowl of left over Italian Meringue after completing the baked alaska challenge, seriously contemplating whether I should throw it out or turn it into something else. I kept telling myself that […]

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Chocolate Chip Cookies: featuring the COOKIE MONSTER

Who likes chocolate chip cookies, raise your hands! Me, me, me!!

And so it goes, one of the most famous of cookies, these are incredibly addictive especially if you use really good quality chocolate and jazz it up with some nuts. Although standard recipes ask for chocolate chips, buttons or […]

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