Bourke Street Bakery's Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins

Oh M Gee! I am so excited! I can feel it- the morning sickness phase is starting to dissipate, oh but I have a nagging suspicion the ferocious appetite and cravings are settling in. The past four weeks have been an absolute *toot* *toot* nightmare!  My body has never been assailed with so […]

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Egyptian Eggs inspired by 'Birdie Num Nums'

Back in April this year, I met up with an ex-colleague who took me to a cafe in Nicholson Street called birdie num nums. Cute huh! Nums nums…<chuckles>. It’s quite a relaxing and spacious place (with a retro feel) to have brunch, cake and coffee and was just simply ideal for a catch-up session. Most breakfast and lunch standards appear on the […]

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Banana & Tasty Cheddar Cheese Bread Toast

Bananas and cream cheese sounds acceptable especially with french toast but banana and sharp tasty cheese? How? What?! One of my aunts actually whipped these up for brunch way back when I was still in highschool and I believe my mom followed suit so to me, there was nothing strange at all about […]

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Corn Fritters

Given that I’ve been plagued by weeks of insomnia, my sense of time has gone all topsy-turvy! Even dragging myself to cook today was an achievement as I’m really really tired. But as insomnia goes, no matter how zonked you are, you just can’t sleep. My frazzled brain decided that Corn Fritters (usually a breakfast item) would […]

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