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Kinglake Raspberries & Chocolate Roulade

We spent Boxing Day indoors this year; no shopping madness, no post-christmas meals, no entertaining. I thought I got my wish for a really and quiet lazy day but by nightfall J and I were absolutely bored and restless so we decided to hit the great outdoors the next day […]

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Jack O’ Lantern Chocolate Walnut Buttercake & the Fang-tastic Halloween Party

J & I hosted a halloween costume party two nights ago, pot-luck style which required each guest to bring a ghoulish-looking dish, giving them the license to be as creative as possible. (Photos below). The results were impressive; everyone dressed to KILL and the food was to DIE for. Pictured […]

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Durian: Olfactory Crime or Pleasure?

<Sniff sniff>You smell that? Are you lured by the smell of durian or are you repulsed by it? Such is the unique quality of this fruit that you either love it or turn your nose up in disgust. I am at heart a Durian gal through and through. For those who aren’t […]

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Adriano Zumbo’s V8 Cake

One word: INSANE!

Mission somewhat accomplished! Indeed, I felt like I survived the worst kitchen battle I’ve ever put myself through. Adriano Zumbo! What a genius! RESPECT! And I thought I was pretty insane when I decided to attempt this painful V8 cake featured as a pressure test in the […]

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Indonesian Layer Cake

When I was growing up, we would have this cake on rare occasions; rare because I can safely say I’ve eaten this cake maybe five times in my life so far but everytime I do, this beauty of a cake leaves an impression on me. I would pause to marvel […]

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Staying awake with Seafood Paella & Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Finally, I can sit down and bring some life back into this neglected spot! I was in Sydney during the Easter long weekend and then battling an onslaught of assignments, tests and practical assessments; all of which were due in the same week. I definitely have a backlog of cook-ups […]

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Pandan Layered Cake

A few weeks ago, I posted a random message on Facebook requesting friends to throw cake names at me and I will endeavour to make them. Amongst the list of cake requests which included the Blackforrest, white chocolate macadamia, durian cake, chocolate mousse etc. was the Pandan layered cake, requested […]

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