Fresh Pasta and Tagliatelle all'Amatriciana

 Fresh Tagliatelle all’Amatriciana with grated pecorino cheese

J & I have started a love affair with our new Marcato Atlas 150 pasta machine. Like two eager kids we attacked pasta making with excitement; taking ‘me, me, me’! turns at cranking out long strands of pasta. Gone are the days of […]

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Oven-Grilled Turmeric Chicken

I love the simplicity of this chicken dish. Aunty Jane used to bake us turmeric chicken marylands and I remember how I’d tuck in with relish; it will always be just one maryland per person so there’s no room for greed! As a plus, I think this dish is pretty healthy too and with […]

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Wor Tip: 'Pot-Stickers'/Shanghai Pan-Fried Dumplings

Whenever J & I opt for a Shanghainese meal out, we always order a serve of ‘Wor Tip’ otherwise also known as ‘Pan/Pot Stickers’. The name comes from the method in which they are cooked; pan-frying and steaming only one side of the dumplings as if they were stuck  to the pan. The result is a crisp-on-one-side-tender-on-the-other parcel enveloping […]

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Cold Silken Tofu with Spicy Chilli Bean Sauce & Dried Shrimp

I’ve cooked this countless of times to the point that I don’t remember who actually taught me to douse this plain soft silken tofu with chilli bean sauce. It could either be my mom or my aunt but this is definitely one of those super quick and simple dishes I’ve often made […]

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The Tear-My-Hair-Out Roast Chicken

I did some serious battle with this roast chicken! Prior to dinner, I envisioned a whole chook in all its golden glory. But it was a far cry from chicken Perfecto. The bird refused to cook through. I thawed it for 24 hours in the fridge but I think it was still slightly frozen inside. […]

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Ginger & Sherry Chicken with Wolfberries

The wintry chill inspired me to cook this very warming dish; ginger and wine chicken with wolfberries/goji berries. Traditionally, this is made with old ginger, rice wine and wood fungus AND especially made for new mothers during the confinement period. In the chinese custom, the ‘confinement’ period refers to a month long restorative […]

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Chicken and Pasta Bake with Grilled Eggplant


We’ve only just ushered in autumn but it feels as if winter will be upon us sooner than expected. This calls for comfort food to warm the soul and chase those chills away. Rummaging through my fridge for supplies bought a week prior, I’ve got eggplant, chicken breast fillets and brocolli so this calls for […]

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