Sweet Architextural Night: A Sugary Fanfare

Charmaine of Heartsoul Desserts and I attended a sweet exhibit almost two weeks ago at St. Kilda’s Esplanade Hotel. This 2011 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival event was a culmination of talent, blood, sweat and tears of two B&P teams: Ian Burch and Darren Purchese of upcoming Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio in South Yarra […]

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Christmas Feasting

Our Christmas Tree surrounded by presents and there were just 6 of us! …Kris Kringle gone nuts!

Our Christmas celebration this year was a much simpler affair; no big bird (turkey), no ham and basically a not so meaty spread to suit my small party of six. Putting on my festive hat this […]

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D & T's Wedding Cupcake Tower


As promised in my previous cupcake post, I present to you my first wedding assignment  and it has been an absolute pleasure and honour to have been a part of D & T’s big day! I am still over the moon with the grand entrance of the bride and her bridal party who descended […]

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Wedding bells are ringing, cupcakes in the making...

Cupcakes for (flavour) sampling

A (couple) friend of ours are getting hitched this December and I have accepted the task of making 160 wedding cupcakes crowned with a top cutting cake. There will also be quirky (but cute) sugar figurines to complete the picture but I’ll leave that a mystery, subject of course to several practice attempts with sugar/gum […]

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Of Chocolate Tart, Poached Pear and Feeling Blue....

I’m so tired……

And that’s how doggone weary I am to begin my entry like that. I don’t know whether I’m just tired from this entire week of assignments or just plain feeling down in the dumps. I’m back to that drifting feeling called LOST and feel as if I’m at a crossroad […]

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The Post Flu-Recovery Afternoon Tea

If my quiet blog for the last week and a half has been any indication at all, I was struck by the wretched flu bug. Die you foul virus die! Well, it started off viral; my immune system and lungs took a terrible beating and then it was hello bacterial infection. The […]

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Durian: Olfactory Crime or Wonder?

<Sniff sniff>You smell that? Are you lured by the smell of durian or are you repulsed by it? Such is the unique quality of this fruit that you either love it or turn your nose up in disgust. I am at heart a Durian gal through and through. For those who aren’t sure […]

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