Introduction: Blogging for the first time

Finally, I can get down to the exciting bit of blogging. After much mucking around with the settings and racking my brains over the blog title, here I am! I have to credit the blog title to my wonderful journalist friend Darsh who threw FOODSZE (sze derived from my name) at me in seconds after much struggle on my part i.e. mulling over it for 2 hours, 3 cups of strong tea and an unhealthy consumption of Salt and Vinegar chips – first thing I see in the pantry…yes, bad for the waistline but I needed brain food. 🙂 I had to cry for help after feeling the first signs of a mouth ulcer. Thanks girlfriend!
So why a blog? Apart from wanting to share some snippets of myself and life through food, I think a blog will help me create, document, compile and share some recipes with whoever’s interested. This will probably encourage me to take on a variety of projects, new culinary fares and keep me in check as far as recipe compilation goes. As my cousin and friends will tell you, when asked for a recipe of something I’ve made, the term “agak-agak” a Malay word for ‘to guestimate’ or loosely ‘I have no idea, just improvise’ is habitually uttered. And trust me, I’ve welcomed more rolled-eyes to that statement than anything else I can remember. It’s not that I don’t have a recipe (a few are ingrained in my memory) but rather I am not very good at sticking to recipes. The sky’s the limit when it comes to food so a little bit of this, a dash of that always makes it more interesting.
Nonetheless, there are always basic recipes to adhere to and some rules to follow before jumping into a cook or bakefest and I aim to put forth some tried and tested recipes through outright kitchen catastrophies to plain old practice and some to sheer serendipity.
So come and join me on a food journey. Let’s play FoodSze (chuckles). Let’s flirt with food! YEAH!
If it means endless gourmet-licious experimentations, meticulous pen to paper alterations to measurements and ingredients, so be it! If it means appearing like an obsessed camera-wielding tourist at a restaurant, so be it! If it means my husband waiting with elbows on the table and a nonchalant look on his face while I find the best angle to capture my food in a photo, so be it! Muhahahahahah
Let’s begin…….
1. Last 3 lines of the final paragraph are not to be taken seriously, in part or in whole. My husband is a wonderful personal sous-chef and takes most of the food photos. Never a nonchalant look on his face…well…not yet… 😛
2. The word ‘agak-agak’ might appear in posts from time to time suggesting that recipes will undergo more trial  and error.
3. Not all photos will be accompanied by recipes especially in the earlier blogs where there was no fixed recipe or food was prepared and consumed elsewhere i.e.restaurants or cafes and similar eateries in which FOODSZE will attempt to review the food using her taste-bud-ometer.

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1 comment to Introduction: Blogging for the first time

  • darsh kanda

    Yeay welcome to blogging FoodSze 🙂 Looking forward to reading your recipes, but don't be stingy, how about a sampling of the food too? hehehe.