Butterscotch Banana and Mocha Cream Sponge Cake

 Mom’s Birthday Cake
Butterscotch Banana Genoese Sponge Cake with Mocha Whipped Cream & Toasted Flaked Almonds
decorated with Les Fruits De Mer Belges Originaux De Guylian    

The name is a mouthful isn’t it? How else shall I call it? Over the last few years, I’ve been replicating a cake that I tasted more than 10 years ago. I think it was from La Manilla when it was first established back home in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya. I remembered a sponge cake filled with fresh bananas, some form of coffee cream and whipped cream and it was divine. I first attempted to make this cake in 2007 for J’s birthday, the year we met and to date, this remained his favorite cake. My mom loves it too which is why I decided to make this for her birthday last Monday.    

The base is a genoese sponge cake which is when butter is added to an otherwise fatless sponge cake.  I’ve used a larger round cake tin (26cm or 10 inches) for this cake so there are 9 eggs in it. Once baked and cooled, I sliced it into 3 layers for sandwiching the next few ingredients.
Bananas, caramel, toffee and maple syrup are great buddies so I made a  butterscotch (toffee flavoured) sauce of butter, cream and brown sugar which is further intensified with a sprinkling of sea salt. Coffee syrup was used to moisten the sponge cake, which was made out of sugar, water and coffee laced with Baileys (because I couldn’t find my Kahlua). For the whip cream, I stabilised it by adding melted gelatine into the thickened cream, a little cocoa and coffee for a hint of colour and mocha flavour (though it could be stronger) and whipped it with pure icing sugar until firm peaks formed. To add texture and some nuttiness, I’ve decorated the sides of the cake with toasted flaked almonds.   

The fun bit was assembling the cake:   

Bottom layer – Sponge cake
                            – Drizzled coffee syrup over the sponge
                            – Smoothed first layer of mocha cream onto sponge
                            – arranged fresh banana slices onto mocha cream
                            – Drizzled Butterscotch sauce  onto bananas   

Middle layer – Second layer of sponge cake
                           – Repeated layering as above   

Top layer       – Covered entire cake with generous amounts of mocha cream
                           – Levelled out and smoothed cream onto sides, covering the cake as neatly as possible
                           – Melted some chocolate for piping birthday message
                           – Embellished sides of the cake with toasted flaked almonds
                           – Piped rosettes with mocha cream using a star-shaped nozzle
                           – Piped cream borders around the bottom and top of cake
                           – Topped the cream rosettes with my Valentines Day gift – Guylian Assorted Belgian Chocolate seashells
                             ( it was a big box so I decided to make good use of it)   

The cake was chilled for 6 hours before it was presented with a Birthday song but overnight chilling is preferable. 


Sliced bananas drizzled with butterscotch sauce




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