Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

 “Hot Cross Buns! Chocolate Ones! One a penny, two a penny, Hot Cross Buns!” 

And now for foodsze’s rendition of Chocolate Hot Cross Buns…<ahem, clears throat>..and a one, a two, a three 

Tis the time to warm the room
with smells of hot cross buns
Easter is approaching soon
So let’s make chocolate ones

My raisins and peel
Have gone kaput!
And chocolate sounds ideal
So let us make hot cross buns,
But make ’em chocolate ones.

Dash of allspice and sugar,
Oh how they make me hunger,
Some flour and yeast,
Should do the trick,
With love and warmth,
It’ll sure be quick.
For when this rhyme is done,
I’ll be biting one,
A steaming hot cross bun,
albeit a chocolate one

Alas! it’s time to say goodbye,
and spare you from my silly rhyme,
So let us celebrate!
this Chocolate Hot Cross Bun.

Tada! How was that? Haha, well, I tried my best. 😆   

But yes, I thought I had raisins and peel in my pantry but the only ones I found were OLD ones in the  fridge so best to chuck them in the bin. I do love chocolate hot cross buns though. I made this yesterday with a new pack of dry yeast and squealed with delight as my dough doubled in size during proofing. Well, it has certainly been awhile since I’ve had a well-risen dough; reason being my previous batch of yeast has probably DIED and kaput yeast = bad bread = frustration! 

As Easter is approaching, I will be experimenting again with traditional hot cross buns;  raisins, candied peel and all. I baked this chocolate version yesterday following the Easter special recipe from the current March 2010 issue of the Australia’s Women Weekly. They were beautifully soft but I think I added TOO MUCH chocolate and some melted into the dough so there was a slight hint (just the tiniest bit) of bitterness to it. A google search on Hot Cross Buns returns myriad recipes to choose from so stay tuned as I embark on my singing-rhyming hot cross buns adventure. Oh alright, minus the poetry… 😀

Here are some photos of yesterday’s Hot Cross Buns

 Unbaked Hot Cross Buns

Left: Unbaked & Right: Baked and Glazed

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