Pandan Layered Cake

A few weeks ago, I posted a random message on Facebook requesting friends to throw cake names at me and I will endeavour to make them. Amongst the list of cake requests which included the Blackforrest, white chocolate macadamia, durian cake,  chocolate mousse etc. was the Pandan layered cake, requested by Carol.

It has certainly been eons since I’ve had the layered cake; there was a time (in the early 90’s) when this cake used to be a birthday staple in my family. Almost everyone, every birthday would have this as the celebratory cake usually flanked by it purple cousin, the yam layered cake. So much so that I actually got sick of eating this. Well, 17 years of the layered cake drought made me miss this delectable dessert, hence began my search for a recipe. After comparing several recipes, I settled for one from Jo’s Deli & Bakery.  

So what makes up the Pandan layered cake? It is made using a pandan chiffon cake base which is sliced into several layers and then alternately layered with a set creamy pandan custard made with coconut milk and pandan juice set with agar-agar (a gelatinous derivative of seaweed used to make jellies) and thickened with mung bean (green bean) flour. The whole sweet green confection is then sprinkled with dessicated coconut that lends it an angelic look. 😀

Overall, the cake was good in terms of flavour but a few comments on the texture; found the custard slightly too stiff so it was more of a jelly layered cake which means I have to play around with either lessening the agar-agar quantities or the green bean flour (Hoen Kwe) which acts as a starch, like the cornstarch used in making egg custards.  Being the kitchen rebel that I am sometimes, I added all the custard to the in between layers as opposed to saving some to be poured over the cake so my custard layers were too thick. Although I pounded some frozen pandan leaves to make an extract, the cake does need a little help from store-bought pandan paste or essence to boost the flavour and add to its greenness but I added too much, so if the cake looks fit for the Incredible Hulk or Shrek, you know why. As I ran out of custard to cover the cake, I made my own pandan stabilised whipped cream.

To those who have sampled this cake, I valued your comments and will experiment more especially with the texture of the custard. To those who want to experiment as well, you can click on the underlined link above and have a go at it. Alternatively, if you can share another proven recipe, that will certainly be most welcomed. This cake is best eaten cold. Next on the list is Helena’s request, the Blackforest Gateau. Until then, enjoy the photos of my green tinged endeavour.

Looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters got squished between the cake layers.

The Green Pacman!

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  • Thess Masters

    Hi there,
    Looks really delicious, would you mind to give me the recipe of the pandan layered cake please.
    Many thanks
    Thess Masters