Simply Put-together Burger

Time to raid the fridge! I had half a cob of black olive sourdough bread left from Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove estate at the Mornington Peninsula from last Sunday’s mushroom hunting excursion. Yes, I wish I could turn this into a mushroom entry but I was mushroomless so it’s back to raiding the fridge; fished out butternut pumpkin, cos lettuce, Dijon mustard, saw some onions sitting on the countertop and thawed some leftover sausage mix I made for the trip as well. For the sausage mix, I combined caramelised chopped onion and grated carrot, cooked celery pieces, sweet hungarian paprika, white pepper, egg  and flaked almonds into the beef mince. So for the leftovers, I just shaped them into meat patties, patted down with some plain flour.

Then it was quick work with grilling the pumpkin slices and meat patty, caramelising sliced onions with butter, sugar and vinegar for that extra zing! and then grilling the bread slices which were first brushed with some olive oil. To assemble, I just smeared some dijon mustard onto the bread slices, topped with the rest of the components including some chiffonade cos lettuce. J loved it and so did I. Simple and yummy.



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3 comments to Simply Put-together Burger

  • shirls

    mei sze…

    *sigh* which part of this is.. SIMPLE!? huh?! which part??! lol… btw, this looks divine.. i want! actually, if u could make ramly burger.. EVEN BETTER.. kekekek

  • Mei Sze

    It is simple. I didn’t make the bread, the meat oklah..just mix mix mix…then just caramelised..VOILA!! Simple burger,…hehehehe

  • shirls


    if i start cooking like you, my other half would be flying to the moon.. lol.. perhaps i would be more motivated if i had a better kitchen.. hhaha