10 white chocolate + 10 chocolate cupcakes + 1 Giant cupcake with vanilla Italian Buttercream + Fondant Top Hat

These cupcakes were for an order I received for a Top Hat & Wigs themed birthday bash; a  referral from a friend. The focus was on the top hat and ‘A’ likes purple hues. The request was for ten white chocolate and ten chocolate cupcakes, each decorated with a vanilla buttercream frosting (one plain and the other tinted a lilac/lavender shade) and decorated with cachous (edible silver sugar beads). A giant cupcake was to be the centrepiece  which I’ve decorated with fondant (sugar paste) topped with a black fondant top hat with a purple bow. The top hat was a little of a struggle as the cake store ran out of black fondant so I had to tint my own with black gel colour and to get past the grey stage, there was an ample amount of black gel in there, so much so that my paste was a little too soft to work with. The top of my first hat kept sinking into the brim which made it look like a fedora hat. I ended up with the hat picture above after four tries; probably because the fondant has hardened a little. Overall, good fun!

White chocolate and chocolate cupcakes

 My favourite part; making the Italian meringue for the vanilla buttercream; 121oC sugar syrup is gradually whisked into the beaten eggwhites, resulting in a very stable buttercream

 Vanilla Italian Buttercream

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