Me Like Bagels

Bottom Up: Blueberry Bagel, Sesame Seeds Bagel, Poppyseeds Bagel, Parmesan & Oregano Bagel & another Blueberry Bagel

This is going to be a short post. For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to make bagels; they make such a great breakfast or lunch meal although by the time I finished making them today, they ended up being my dinner. Bagels are a Jewish staple of yeast leavened bread dough formed into a ring; dropped into boiling water for a few minutes and then baked in the oven. The result of this parboiling and baking results in the bagel’s characteristic dense and chewy texture which is really nice. Traditionally, a bagel is filled with cream cheese and lox i.e. smoked salmon punctuated by salty capers but these days, the varieties are endless. Smoked salmon is a little luxurious for me at the moment so I’ve just filled mine with shredded chicken mixed with homemade chive mayonnaise which I’ve enjoyed whisking by hand, accompanied with sliced tomatoes. One filled bagel and dinner’s settled.

My bagels turned out pretty tasty and the interior was nicely dense and chewy; however, I wished the crust was smooth but it ain’t, so I will have to play around with the dough again next time. Also, I made them a little too fat today; probably should have rolled them out flatter. I also made blueberry ones which tasted great just with cream cheese alone; better still toasted.

Anyway, enjoy the photos. J and I shall enjoy these again for breakkie tomorrow. Ciao


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2 comments to Me Like Bagels

  • Vyanne

    Bagels, how I love them! The sight of them will always remind me of my trip to New York when HC was around, when a bagel with scallion cream cheese is so very affordable at $1.50, better still, washed down with a cup of burning, bitter long black! :p

  • Mei Sze

    I checked out the Starbucks menu in the States and you are right..hehehehe
    Yes, I love bagels too especially the classic filling of smoked salmon….MMMMMmmm