Banana & Tasty Cheddar Cheese Bread Toast

Bananas and cream cheese sounds acceptable especially with french toast but banana and sharp tasty cheese? How? What?! One of my aunts actually whipped these up for brunch way back when I was still in highschool and I believe my mom followed suit so to me, there was nothing strange at all about the combination since it tasted fabulous; crunchy toast with ripe bananas and a blanket of melted cheese to complement the sweetness of the bananas. My favourite bit of course is the extra toasted yellow-turned-brown cheese that crisps up around the edges of the toast and the bananas; so darn tasty!

Back then before the cheese revolution exploded in our family (thanks to my aunty Jane who loved baking and cooking with gourmet cheeses and dad who would return from business trips in Europe with giant blocks of hard to moldy blue cheeses), these banana toasts were made using kraft singles which was a lunchbox norm (dare I reiterate, back then!). But being an avid cheese lover, I have now outgrown processed cheese slices so give me a block of real cheese anytime and I’ll slice it myself, thank you!

So today, I saw some bananas on the table and decided to make this for lunch; jazzed it up a little with a sprinkling of ground cinnamon and ate it with a drizzling of maple syrup. Yum!

Banana & Tasty Cheddar Cheese on Toast

What you need:

Slices of bread
Ripe bananas, sliced (about 1 medium sized banana per bread slice)
‘Tasty’ cheddar cheese, grated
ground cinnamon, just a sprinkling
maple syrup, light drizzle for serving

butter, for spreading

  1. If using butter, spread a little on the bread slice; then top with sliced bananas
  2. Sprinkle bananas with a little ground cinnamon
  3. Top with grated cheddar cheese
  4. Set oven to grill mode, and grill for 5 – 6 minutes or until cheese has melted and some bits of cheese have browned and crisped up
  5. Serve with a drizzling of maple syrup
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