Of Chocolate Tart, Poached Pear and Feeling Blue….

I’m so tired……

And that’s how doggone weary I am to begin my entry like that. I don’t know whether I’m just tired from this entire week of assignments or just plain feeling down in the dumps. I’m back to that drifting feeling called LOST and feel as if I’m at a crossroad of sorts…<sigh>..Blog..you’re probably my saviour..so let me inflict this whinging session on you. If it’s not because of this coming Saturday’s assessment for Present Desserts, my next entry would be in October as J and I are heading to Perth and Margaret River of Western Australia this Saturday night (after my assessment) for two whole weeks of celebrating our one year wedding anniversary and me turning older at the end of the month! Ahhh..I just can’t wait for some much needed R & R (if you can call sand boarding, kayaking and hiking Rest & Relaxation…haha…) but I would have to step foot on Perth soil first before I  can leave this dreadful feeling of apprehension behind <oh come on! snap out of it will you!>

Prior to this week, I’ve had hopes of recreating our wedding cake (just one, not all 3 tiers) and dedicating an entire page just to us but time was an issue so no baking this week; in fact J did most of the cooking! 😀  I’ve got so much to say about this past one year since we proclaimed I DO. He’s really my rock, the love of my life; he’s my pea and I’m his carrot and we go hand in hand….We’re still nuts about each other since we met in 2007 over a pot of green curry but I shall leave that story for after I return from Perth along with loads of holiday pictures and yes, FOOD!

Ok, so I shall leave you here with photos of the chocolate tart and poached pear I made as practice for this Saturday’s assessment. We have a choice of hot, frozen and cold set desserts to plate up but I’ve picked the chocolate tart and poached pear. Urm..not really happy with the outcome…the chocolate work broke and I only had these two pieces left to work with…<Cry> either that or I was attempting this with lacklustre enthusiasm; again attributed to my glumness. Hopefully I’d get my mojo back in class. But yesh! the chocolate tart was wicked with the combination of poached pear, whipped cream, some coffee soil and few drops of butterscotch sauce. The ‘yum’ ‘yum’ did take some of my ‘glum’ ‘glum’ away…

Ok then peeps!, see you in 2 weeks time!

 poaching the corella pears in red wine sugar syrup, cinnamon quills, star anise and cloves; I could eat poached pears just like that alone.mmm…

the other view…coffee soil with whipped crème chantilly

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