Wedding bells are ringing, cupcakes in the making…

Cupcakes for (flavour) sampling

A (couple) friend of ours are getting hitched this December and I have accepted the task of making 160 wedding cupcakes crowned with a top cutting cake. There will also be quirky (but cute) sugar figurines to complete the picture but I’ll leave that a mystery, subject of course to several practice attempts with sugar/gum paste. But it’s all so exciting; I love weddings and am looking forward to this challenge. In fact this is my first wedding cake request so I’m nervous and excited at the same time for being given this opportunity.

So last Tuesday, D & T came over to our place to discuss finer details of the cake order and this brought back a flood of memories of my own wedding preparations last year; albeit the tables were turned and I was giving rather than receiving the ‘consultation’ 😀  We discussed flavours, colour schemes, decorative elements, presentation, take away boxes, scheduling, assembling etc. Oooo..exciting exciting!

I’ve decided to bake two types of cupcake flavours for sampling; classic moist chocolate cupcakes which I iced with raspberry vanilla buttercream and zesty passionfruit and lemon cupcakes which went beautifully with dark chocolate buttercream. I didn’t use any colouring at all in the cakes and buttercream but was so surprised at how vivid the colours came out. I also let them try the chocolate and walnut cake leftover from the halloween party and they instantly liked it and picked this until they realised some guests might be allergic to nuts so they’ve chosen the passionfruit flavour alternating with a chocolate laced buttercake (minus the nuts). But I will have to play around with the buttercreams to fit their wedding theme colours of ‘champagne/off-white/cream’ and ‘sweet pink’: which are classic romance shades (lovely), and to top off, alternating pink & cream sugar roses and fresh pink/champagne roses for the top cutting cake.

Will post photos of the assembled cupcakes after the wedding. Wish me luck!

Below are just photos of the cupcakes I made on Tuesday. The actual wedding cupcakes will not look like this. But I love how vibrant the Viola flowers (from our garden) look on the cupcakes. These were perfect for afternoon tea. Mmmmm…….

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