Assessment: Frangipane Tartlets

I will admit that I don’t usually respond to glazed pastry desserts as they often scream tooth-ache alert (although my teeth are perfectly healthy)but this version of frangipane tartlets are so amazingly delicious and addictive! A bite into the apricot jam-glazed almond flake top gives way to a superbly light, […]

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Assessment: Choux Pastry for Profiteroles & Eclairs

Usually, I will only do an assessment entry after the event itself (my assessment is tomorrow!) but I’ll take this as a revision point so here goes. Well, tomorrow is here and I’ve completed my assessment this afternoon. Got good results, what a relief! I missed the class on Choux […]

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Savoury Curry Pillow Pastries

Curry pillows – Sort of curry puff, sort of samosa but I’m sticking to curry ‘pillows’ based on their shapely resemblance. Besides, original Malaysian curry puffs are made with a different pastry (with shortening or ghee) and the ‘fat’ pastry is rolled with a ‘water’ pastry which contributes to its layers and flakiness. They […]

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