Sticky Orange Chicken

A bag of oranges laid on the kitchen floor. I juiced some and they were pretty sour; very juicy but tart! So I decided to make orange chicken the same way I would lemon chicken. The dish turned out really fantastic; the interplay of sticky sweet, tangy and spicy flavours […]

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Oven-Grilled Turmeric Chicken

I love the simplicity of this chicken dish. Aunty Jane used to bake us turmeric chicken marylands and I remember how I’d tuck in with relish; it will always be just one maryland per person so there’s no room for greed! As a plus, I think this dish is pretty […]

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Taiwanese ‘Pop-Corn’ Chicken with Crispy Basil Leaves

These irresistable salt and pepper coated crispy chunks made the pain of cleaning up after a session of deep-frying worthwhile. Crispy-liciousness got kicked up a notch with golden, translucent deep-fried basil leaves, albeit my leaves were crushed when I tossed them through the fried chicken pieces. Quick and simple, this […]

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Ginger & Sherry Chicken with Wolfberries

The wintry chill inspired me to cook this very warming dish; ginger and wine chicken with wolfberries/goji berries. Traditionally, this is made with old ginger, rice wine and wood fungus AND especially made for new mothers during the confinement period. In the chinese custom, the ‘confinement’ period refers to a […]

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