Roti Jala: Lacy/Net Crepe

This is another dish from my home-land of good food in Malaysia, Roti Jala (jala means net in malay) is basically a crepe with a makeover! The batter is flavoured and coloured with turmeric powder and then poured through a special cup or mould with several perforations or nozzles, which […]

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Pandan Layered Cake

A few weeks ago, I posted a random message on Facebook requesting friends to throw cake names at me and I will endeavour to make them. Amongst the list of cake requests which included the Blackforrest, white chocolate macadamia, durian cake, chocolate mousse etc. was the Pandan layered cake, requested […]

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The Noodle Series: Char Kuey Teow

The Char Kuey Teow is a highly revered Malaysian dish and Penang, a state on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia takes the trophy on this baby; especially with interesting variations by adding lap cheong (chinese sausage) and belachan (shrimp paste). Char Kuey Teow may be ubiquitous, even appearing on […]

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The Noodle Series: Wat Tan Hor

And so it begins; my noodle series. Over the next few days, weeks and even months, I shall attempt many of my old time favourites from home. This series idea came to me whilst I was tossing and turning in bed last night (as usual); I’m not sure […]

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Satay: the Epic Project

Chicken Satay with peanut sauce and usual sides of cucumber, red onions and the nasi impit that didn’t turn out 🙂

J and I ushered in the year of the Tiger with a gathering of families at J’s cousin’s house. Now, when they emailed us about their open […]

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Cloudy With A Chance of Fluffy Pandan Chiffon Cake…

Today I continued my trip down memory lane; this time with Pandan Chiffon Cake, one that mom used to make very often when I was a wee kid. I remember I was only allowed to stir the thick green batter with a wooden spoon and not touch the egg whites. That was […]

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