Savoury Pumpkin Cake

Bite-size savoury pumpkin cakes

Aunty No. 2 from my dad’s side of the family has bestowed many slabs of this tasty treat to us when we were growing up and it remains a personal favourite snack of mine. Much like the white radish cakes served at yum cha […]

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Jack O’ Lantern Chocolate Walnut Buttercake & the Fang-tastic Halloween Party

J & I hosted a halloween costume party two nights ago, pot-luck style which required each guest to bring a ghoulish-looking dish, giving them the license to be as creative as possible. (Photos below). The results were impressive; everyone dressed to KILL and the food was to DIE for. Pictured […]

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Egyptian Eggs inspired by ‘Birdie Num Nums’

Back in April this year, I met up with an ex-colleague who took me to a cafe in Nicholson Street called birdie num nums. Cute huh! Nums nums…<chuckles>. It’s quite a relaxing and spacious place (with a retro feel) to have brunch, cake and coffee and was just simply ideal for a catch-up session. […]

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Simply Put-together Burger

Time to raid the fridge! I had half a cob of black olive sourdough bread left from Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove estate at the Mornington Peninsula from last Sunday’s mushroom hunting excursion. Yes, I wish I could turn this into a mushroom entry but I was mushroomless so it’s […]

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Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Soup

I bought a Kent pumpkin a week and a half ago and decided to make soup out of (or rather in) it, using the whole outer shell as a bowl. But before Mr. Pumpkin was sacrificially turned into soup, it was with child-like amusement that I gathered my little vegetable […]

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