About Foodsze

Welcome to Foodsze (pronounced food-zee). My name is Mei Sze (may-zee).

My wall clock sums up what I’m all about. Most of my days are ruled by constant mental notes on what to eat and what to cook. I grew up in the land of Rojak (all mixed-up) that is multicultural Malaysia and I’ve settled down in Melbourne, another melting pot of gastronomical delights! I enjoy eating an eclectic range of cuisines and foods and aim to cook whatever I can. Baking and cooking has been my passion alongside music, arts and crafts.  

The kitchen is my zen spot; a space to channel my love for cooking, sometimes a place to vent unspoken frustrations (usually with a good lump of bread dough, fist-pounded to that perfect elasticity). It is also a place to flirt, to play footsie with tantalizing, intricate food ideas or to marvel at the simplest back to basics Aha! moments. It is also a battle zone that could herald in triumphant victories of towering croquembouches gloriously crowned with spun sugar or the epic ‘fail’ of deflated soufflés, imploded pastry bases and rock hard muffins fit for catapulting foes. In any case, there is always something to learn.

Brought to life in January 2010, this blog has become my creative licence to ruminate endlessly about food, to share my kitchen tales and some of my much loved, trusted and tested recipes. It is also my portal to all you talented bloggers and enthusiastic foodies out there that continuously inspire and spur me on to attempt new recipes and challenge myself. As of June 2011, I’m a qualified pastry chef who has since moved from a career in accounting. I am married to J, my wonderful handyman, eager taste-tester and IT expert whom I have to credit for the setup of this blog. We have two boys; J a curious and adventurous toddler who loves to devour mommy’s cooking and M, a new addition to the family as of October 2013 and whose smiles just light up our day. When I am not busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen or working on custom cake orders, you will find me crocheting cute plush toys on my other website Rolzy Polzy.   

Once again, a BIG WELCOME and thank you for visiting my site.