Assessment: Choux Pastry for Profiteroles & Eclairs

Usually, I will only do an assessment entry after the event itself (my assessment is tomorrow!) but I’ll take this as a revision point so here goes. Well, tomorrow is here and I’ve completed my assessment this afternoon. Got good results, what a relief! I missed the class on Choux […]

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The Tear-My-Hair-Out Roast Chicken

I did some serious battle with this roast chicken! Prior to dinner, I envisioned a whole chook in all its golden glory. But it was a far cry from chicken Perfecto. The bird refused to cook through. I thawed it for 24 hours in the fridge but I think it […]

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Simply Put-together Burger

Time to raid the fridge! I had half a cob of black olive sourdough bread left from Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove estate at the Mornington Peninsula from last Sunday’s mushroom hunting excursion. Yes, I wish I could turn this into a mushroom entry but I was mushroomless so it’s […]

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Otak-Otak: Spicy Fish Mousse in Banana Leaf

Otak-otak stands for brains in malay and this is attributed to the fact that this delicacy apparently resembles brains. There are, however, no brains in this dish. Although the name does imply a squishy, soft, yucky texture, this is really a delight to eat. Trust me, it is absolutely delicious; […]

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Sticky Glutinous Red Bean Balls

Sticky glutinous red bean balls. What is it? It is a sticky, tacky (in an enjoyable way) confection of sweet red bean/azuki paste encased in a dough made of glutinous rice flour, coated with sesame seeds then deep-fried to a golden hue; one of my mom’s all time favourites! These […]

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Roti Jala: Lacy/Net Crepe

This is another dish from my home-land of good food in Malaysia, Roti Jala (jala means net in malay) is basically a crepe with a makeover! The batter is flavoured and coloured with turmeric powder and then poured through a special cup or mould with several perforations or nozzles, which […]

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Ginger & Sherry Chicken with Wolfberries

The wintry chill inspired me to cook this very warming dish; ginger and wine chicken with wolfberries/goji berries. Traditionally, this is made with old ginger, rice wine and wood fungus AND especially made for new mothers during the confinement period. In the chinese custom, the ‘confinement’ period refers to a […]

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