Wedding of Charmaine & Christopher

My most recent wedding cake assignment represented the union between two avid footy fans of opposing teams! While I admit that I know zilch about Australian football, I loved how our two chef friends, Charmaine and Christopher decided to incorporate their love of the sport into their wedding theme. The result was […]

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A Thorny Deception

One of my special cake requests is the Durian Gateau, a standard round cake constructed from layers of genoise sponge, durian puree, durian panna cotta and durian whipped cream crowned with profiteroles filled with more durian cream. However, for the longest time, somewhere in the wacky recesses of my mind, I’ve bookmarked […]

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Purdey & Ian’s Wedding Dessert Tower

Congratulations to Purdey & Ian for tying the knot. I had the honour of creating their wedding dessert tower to complement their theme colour blue and their quaint, medieval venue at Avalon Castle, Cockatoo. From the get go, Purdey and Ian wanted a tower; a tower filled not with cupcakes […]

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Jerome & Emily’s Wedding Cake & Terrariums

Jerome and Emily are a couple within a group of mutual friends. When they approached me 9 months ago to ask if I could make their wedding cake and favours, I was more than happy to oblige. I was even more thrilled when they told me their idea for an […]

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

Two kids; a toddler and newborn under the age of 2. No time to blog! However, I’ve been experimenting with a few chocolate cakes lately particularly of the flourless kind for a wedding assignment this coming March and I made one up today which turned out so well that I […]

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Earl Grey Surprise

It looks deceptively like cheesecake but it’s not!

Surprise, wide-eyed wonder and best of all daggy open-mouth looks were all the reactions I expected when I unleashed this dessert upon my unsuspecting cousins; great entertainment for me! And how could it not be when popping candy’s featured as […]

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Banana Cake and Cows

‘Cow’ Banana Cake for my Cow-crazed friend

C is a cow enthusiast and we’re not talking merely an ordinary hobby: what we’re dealing here is a cow obsession of world-record-hopeful proportions. Believe it or not there is already a record-holder. However C has never catalogued any of her […]

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