Project Angry Bird Chocolate Easter Egg

Chocolate Angry Bird (seemingly guarding his precious egg) wants to wish you all a  Happy Easter and Anzac Day long weekend! Made with 100% natural vanilla dark and white couverture chocolate and powdered food colours for the Angry Bird chocolate plaques,  this creation stands at approximately 22.5 cm tall and weighs 900 grams.

I seem to be suffering the worst case of writer’s block right now so let me just say it was incredibly fun melting, tempering and painting my very first Chocolate Egg and it tasted Weeeeeeeeee-licious!!

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy the photos!

The Dark Chocolate half with the green pig from ‘Angry Birds’

My collection so far..have yet to crochet the Black and Green angry birds

J chomping on the Chocolate Angry Bird

Poor Piggy!

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