Popping Candy Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse Cake

Holy Moly! POP! SIZZLE! CRACK! KABOOM! No, I’m not talking about New Year’s Eve fireworks but there is definitely some special pyrotechnics happening in my very own mouth! Inspired by a Heston Blumenthal (my hero!) creation, the Popping-Candy Chocolate Cake and a blog entry by the talented and witty Ms. Karen of Citrus and Candy, I’ve tagged this dessert on my To-Do List. But after months of traversing the aisles of supermarkets, hunting down this magic ingredient, the popping candy, I gave up!  (don’t ask.. but I didn’t even consider looking at the lolly shop <DOH!>). Until, a last minute decision to do a Kris Kringle under $5 this year landed me in The Reject Shop and lo and behold stawberry flavoured POPPING CANDY and in a plastic rocket to boot! I immediately turned to J and said, that’s it, this is my Kris Kringle present..now pretend you gave it to me! I went as far as adorning the rocket in twirly ribbons, addressing it to myself and placing it under our Christmas tree. <teeeheeheeheee>

Continuing on from my raspberry pickings, I tweaked this popping candy dessert to include a second layer of white chocolate and raspberry mousse which sat above  the chocolate mousse from the original recipe. I also added a raspberry jelly layer (pureed raspberries set with gelatine leaves). With no proper ring moulds I resorted to using round scone cutters of different sizes, lined with acetate strip to hold the contents. As this was an experiment, regrettably I have no recipe to present BUT, if you’re really up for it, below is a link to the original recipe by Heston Blumenthal. The magic is tucked within the base of the dessert; of blended hazelnuts, melted chocolate to bind the mix and of course popping candy! Soft, velvety rich chocolate mousse gives way to a crunchy layer similar to praline and then the party begins – a disco inferno takes off in all recessess  of your mouth – ooh, is that a pop! ooh..it sizzles! crackles, explodes!!  Phew! Is it hot in here or what?! As the euphoric sensations washed over me, I had a silly grin on my face..aaaaah..BUT not for long because I’m ready to do it all over again! <pops another spoonful of cake in her mouth> So folks! get popping and try out this sensational dessert. Come on! You know you wanna…..

Click here for Heston Blumenthal’s Popping Candy Chocolate Cake

Note: Dessert best enjoyed with mouth wide open! POP POP POP! Yippeeeeee…..


AFTER SHOCKS indeed! Pretty sure I looked like that too after the popping candy experience

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