Sticky Orange Chicken

A bag of oranges laid on the kitchen floor. I juiced some and they were pretty sour; very juicy but tart! So I decided to make orange chicken the same way I would lemon chicken. The dish turned out really fantastic; the interplay of sticky sweet, tangy and spicy flavours […]

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Earl Grey Surprise

It looks deceptively like cheesecake but it’s not!

Surprise, wide-eyed wonder and best of all daggy open-mouth looks were all the reactions I expected when I unleashed this dessert upon my unsuspecting cousins; great entertainment for me! And how could it not be when popping candy’s featured as […]

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Orange Chiffon Cake with Poh’s Twist

Yes, it’s cloudy with a chance of fluffy chiffon cake again but this time, it’s an orange version decorated à la Poh’s style from Poh’s Kitchen. Poh is the runner up on the first Masterchef Australia series. Hmm..I didn’t really do justice to her recipe; merely borrowed the idea of […]

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Orange Poppy Seed Cake with Passionfruit Glaze

I was feeling a little blue this afternoon, and not to mention a pounding headache the size of Jupiter. After several glasses of water and a panadol, I decided to make an orange cake; perhaps to inject some colour and zest to lift my spirits. Well, the orange cake has […]

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