The Quicky Dessert: Lime Jelly & Vanilla Greek Yoghurt with Passionfruit


Ok, this will be a quicky blog entry for a quicky dessert that accompanied my chicken and pasta bake 2 nights ago. I have my first practical assessment for basic cookery this Saturday which includes a theory component as well so I’ll be up later going through my notes. I’ve spent long hours in the kitchen today; made a scrumptious goat curry, practiced precision cuts of vegetables for a  garden salad, segmented an orange, made a rice pilaf; which are all part of the assessment (except the curry- that’s to go with the rice for dinner 😎 ). So here I am; I finally get to put my feet up and sink into this much appreciated distraction of blogging. 

I made this dessert on a whim, again using ingredients from my fridge hence, no recipe. I gathered dessert-worthy ingredients from my fridge of limes, a new tub of natural greek yoghurt, vanilla paste and frozen passionfruit. I stared at these items for awhile and debated whether to make panna cotta but decided to have the yoghurt as it is; breakfast style. But for a bit of texture, I melted gelatine into less than 1 cup of  boiling water, stirred in sugar, added lime juice and a few drops of rose water as inspired by the rose-water infused lemonade at Ablas Lebanese Restaurant, poured it into two whisky glasses and let it set in the freezer for 15 minutes. Whilst waiting, I mixed the greek yoghurt with sugar and vanilla paste, which explains the noticeable black dots in the creamy concoction. Vanilla yoghurt goes on top of the lime jelly and finished off with a spoonful of passionfruit pulp. We tossed in a few crunchy toasted hazelnuts after the photos were taken and it was delish!


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