Savoury Pumpkin Cake

Bite-size savoury pumpkin cakes

Aunty No. 2 from my dad’s side of the family has bestowed many slabs of this tasty treat to us when we were growing up and it remains a personal favourite snack of mine. Much like the white radish cakes served at yum cha […]

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Cold Silken Tofu with Spicy Chilli Bean Sauce & Dried Shrimp

I’ve cooked this countless of times to the point that I don’t remember who actually taught me to douse this plain soft silken tofu with chilli bean sauce. It could either be my mom or my aunt but this is definitely one of those super quick and simple dishes I’ve […]

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Satay: the Epic Project

Chicken Satay with peanut sauce and usual sides of cucumber, red onions and the nasi impit that didn’t turn out 🙂

J and I ushered in the year of the Tiger with a gathering of families at J’s cousin’s house. Now, when they emailed us about their open […]

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Shun Pun Tzi (Abacus Beads)

Shun Pun Tzi – Yam Abacus Beads stir-fried with dried shrimp, squid and black wood fungus strips

Shun Pun Tzi evokes memories of my popo’s (grandma’s) cooking. Her Hakka food rocks! Ah…There was a time when I equally hated and loved Sundays. Dreaded Sundays because it was the last […]

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Savoury Curry Pillow Pastries

Curry pillows – Sort of curry puff, sort of samosa but I’m sticking to curry ‘pillows’ based on their shapely resemblance. Besides, original Malaysian curry puffs are made with a different pastry (with shortening or ghee) and the ‘fat’ pastry is rolled with a ‘water’ pastry which contributes to its layers and flakiness. They […]

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