Kaya: Coconut Egg Jam

Kaya lives up to its name; it means ‘rich’ in malay and rich, it definitely is, both in flavour and consistency. It is a spread my family and most Malaysians love and grew up on; well, I loved it as a kid until we had too much of it; kaya […]

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Otak-Otak: Spicy Fish Mousse in Banana Leaf

Otak-otak stands for brains in malay and this is attributed to the fact that this delicacy apparently resembles brains. There are, however, no brains in this dish. Although the name does imply a squishy, soft, yucky texture, this is really a delight to eat. Trust me, it is absolutely delicious; […]

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Roti Jala: Lacy/Net Crepe

This is another dish from my home-land of good food in Malaysia, Roti Jala (jala means net in malay) is basically a crepe with a makeover! The batter is flavoured and coloured with turmeric powder and then poured through a special cup or mould with several perforations or nozzles, which […]

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Pandan Layered Cake

A few weeks ago, I posted a random message on Facebook requesting friends to throw cake names at me and I will endeavour to make them. Amongst the list of cake requests which included the Blackforrest, white chocolate macadamia, durian cake, chocolate mousse etc. was the Pandan layered cake, requested […]

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The Noodle Series: Char Kuey Teow

The Char Kuey Teow is a highly revered Malaysian dish and Penang, a state on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia takes the trophy on this baby; especially with interesting variations by adding lap cheong (chinese sausage) and belachan (shrimp paste). Char Kuey Teow may be ubiquitous, even appearing on […]

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The Noodle Series: Crunchy Yee Mee Yin Yong Style

Continuing on with my noodle series, this is an easy number but delicious nonetheless. Yee Mee or Yi Noodles as per Cook’s Thesaurus are flat patties of egg noodles that are formed into round patties, fried and then dried. Although, I could not sight egg listed anywhere as an ingredient […]

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The Noodle Series: Wat Tan Hor

And so it begins; my noodle series. Over the next few days, weeks and even months, I shall attempt many of my old time favourites from home. This series idea came to me whilst I was tossing and turning in bed last night (as usual); I’m not sure […]

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